The Supervisory Board appoints and dismisses the Assembly of the Company at the proposal of the Government of Federation of B&H. The Supervisory Board shall be appointed in the manner and according to the procedure established by the Law on Roads of FB&H ("Official Gazette of B&H", no. 12/10, 16/10), the Company Law ("Official Gazette of B&H", no. 23/99 , 45/00, 2/02, 6/02, 29/03, 68/05, 91/07, 84/08, 88/08 and 7/09) and by the Law on Ministry, Government and other appointments ("Official Gazette Federation of B&H ", no. 12/03 and 34/03).

At the 27th Assembly of the Company held on June 20 , 2016  were appointed the members of the Supervisory Board of  JP Autoceste FBiH d.o.o. Mostar for  period untill  the end of four years  mandate - began on 23.06.2016: 

Dobroslav Galićsupervisory board

Zlatan Lovrić, member

Bilal Tulumović, member

Ante Vrdoljak, member

Ibrahim Badžak, member