Having the higher traffic load, the aging of the existing motorway and reconstruction of the motorway network on Corridor Vc there also increases the scope of works.

The main objectives of maintaining the motorways are:

  • preventing degradation of motorways
  • ensuring safe traffic
  • reducing the users costs with good road condition
  • delivering the road in projected state taking into account the changed needs of traffic
  • protection of the road from users and third parties and  protection of the environment from harmful effects of roads and road transport

Regular maintenance of the highway includes the following works:

  • repair of pavement, trunk roads, retaining and cover walls
  • removal and cleaning of land slide material from the pavement and drainage facilities
  • maintenance of road edges (planning and alignment), berms and slopes of cuts, embankments and side cutting
  • maintenance of facilities on roads, maintenance of facilities, equipment and installation system for toll collection and intelligent transport systems for the management and maintenance of traffic
  • maintenance of lighting, traffic lights and other electrical equipment and installations that were built for traffic safety on the road
  • design and installation of horizontal and vertical signage, safety light devices, replacement, repair, and removal of the damaged and unnecessary traffic signs and road facilities
  • grass mowing and maintenance of green areas and plantations at the road area
  • to maintain the visibility of roads and road markings in road area
  • clearing the snow and ice from the pavement, and the sprinkling of pavement in order to prevent ice and to insure passable road under winter conditions
  • minor procedures on the reconstruction, replacement and reinforcement of shabby pavement
  • minor procedures to strengthen and replacing culverts, retaining and cladding walls as well as the protection of steel structures against corrosion
  • minor procedures on the incorporation of curbs and making pedestrian paths
  • minor procedures on repairing landslides and rockslides
  • keeping track of Public Roads
  • carrying out other activities that provide a steady, smooth and safe traffic on the roads
  • reconstruction and painting of kilometers long marks, traffic signs poles and lightning beams
  • landscaping and repairs to the drainage system (ditches, gutters, drainage, etc.)
  • partial repair of concrete curbs
  • repair of local damaged pavement (the holes, individual and reticular cracks, longitudinal and cross leveling, softened asphalt surfacing, damaged edges and concrete pavement)
  • maintenance of code reference system of road marking
  • maintenance of road facilities, and removal of minor damages, which may endanger the stability and security of the facility




Travel Administration and Protection of Roads
Regular Maintenance
Winter Maintenance Service



During the year 2013 the following works were done:

  • Replacement of  concrete separators of light oils and grease by polyester separators on section Podlugovi – Jošanica
  • Removing of awnings and the cottages of frontal toll station Kakanj
  • Paving the plateau beneath awnings frontal toll station Kakanj
  • Setting up of the guardrails in the central reserve and at the emergency lane on the plateau of frontal toll station Kakanj
  • Replacement of  transitional devices on bridges MO8 (left side), MO5 (left side), MO3 (right side), and MO1 and MO2 (left side) on the section Podlugovi – Jošanica
  • Rehabilitation of the shabby layer on the bridge MO8 (left side), the reparation of the shabby layer on bridges MO1 and MO2 (left side) on the section Podlugovi – Jošanica
  • Rehabilitation of landslides that appeared next to toll place Jošanica
  • The new transport design has been done of motorway A1 Kakanj - Jošanica