The aim of the system field inspections of the future motorway route is to detect archaeological findings on time and to put it on the map and to protect it before it comes to their destruction during the earthworks and permanent disappearance of power data and inheritance worth artifacts whose value can range from local to global significance.


Another, not less important issue is the need to conduct archaeological  research on time and thus provide uninterrupted continuation of construction works that also (especially in this context - the motorway) have immense importance for the overall community.


Report on the archaeological works on the route of the Corridor Vc, Smucka- Lepenica

Report on archaeological field research on Corridor Vc section Tarčin – Lepenica

Report on archaeological field research of the motorway route Sarajevo - Mostar, section Vlakovo – Tarčin, and subsection Lepenica – Tarčin

Study Bijača - Kravice