The environmental objective of the project is to assess the impact on the environment to prevent and / or to mitigate the direct and indirect impacts of the project on people, flora and fauna, water, air, soil, climate, landscape, cultural heritage and material goods.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA), therefore, is one of the most important segments of the study-planning documentation and provides a comprehensive evaluation of the motorway design. The main objective of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) is to encourage the incorporation of environmental considerations into the planning and decision-making, which eventually should result in activities that are environmentally friendly.

Documents and Regulations

LOT 1 Environmental Impact Study 

LOT 2 Environmental Impact Study

LOT 2 NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY Environmental Impact Study

LOT 3 Environmental Impact Study

LOT 3 NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY Environmental Impact Study

LOT 4 Environmental Impact Study

The Environment Protection Act

The Road and Environment

The Summary of EIA

Environmental Impact Study- LOT 3

The Regulation on Waste Water Discharge

The Report on Monitoring of Quality and Quantity of Waste Water: Section Bilješevo - Jošanica

Biodiversity Assessment: Corridor Vc Project (LOT 2), Exit from Pečuj Tunnel - Entrance into Zenica Tunnel 

Environmental & Social Action Plan Route Donja Gračanica - Klopče and Svilaj - Odžak 

Non-Technical Summary 

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Environmental & Social Action Plan

Non-Technical Summary

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Environmental Permit for LOT 1

Environmental Permit for LOT 2

Environmental Permit for LOT 3

Environmental Permit for LOT 4

EBRD Environmental and Socila Policy