Bonus of 20% on each supplement of cash on the ACC TAG

“Highways Card” (ACC) is an electronic toll payment that enables the user of the highway to quickly and efficiently pay toll without any cashier and waiting in the tolls.

Vehicles equipped with a toll collection system (ACC TAG) require the user to pass through the inbound / outgoing paved line at a speed-up without stopping.

The transaction between the ACC TAG and the toll collection system is automatic – it is carried out using the ACC TAG located on the inside of the front windshield in the vehicle and the antennas on the canopy above the entry / exit road.

At the front and side toll stations, there is at least one dedicated toll passage for ACC electronic toll collection. The ACC TAG device can be used by users of all vehicle groups (I, II, III and IV).

Advantages of electronic billing system:
Brži i sigurniji prolaz
Prolazak bez zaustavljanja
Smanjenje gužve na naplatnim mjestima
Obračun iznosna cestarine po tačno pređenoj kilometraži
Cjenovne pogodnosti i bonusi

Check the status of the ACC account via SMS
For the purpose of providing the highest quality services to users and using the latest technologies, it is possible to check the status and the available amount on the ACC account at any time, via the mobile phone, by sending an SMS message.

Instructions for checking the status of the ACC account via SMS
To the number +387 61 488 231, send a message with the keyword “ACC” and behind it PID (serial number TAG) or number that is engraved on the device below the barcode. The system will send you a message as soon as possible with the currently available amount of ACC account. The price of the message is defined in the pricing of network operators.