Klopče – Pečuj: the expropriation procedure is in the final stage and the percentage of realization in 2016 was approximately 96.61%. Several cases are still being resolved in the administrative procedure and administrative dispute.

Počitelj – Zvirovići: Closing date 31.12.2016. 174 cases of 254 open cases were completed, where 86.76% of the area foreseen for expropriation was completely expropriated. However, the degree of completion of expropriation is 99.27% with the decisions of the Government of the FB&H on the early entry into possession of real estate.

Sarajevo bypass LOT 3b: The expropriation procedure for the construction of the LOT 3b Sarajevo bypass section was launched in February 2012 and 92.19% of the cases were completed.

Tarčin – Zukići to Tunnel Ivan: in accordance with the business plan, the expropriation of property in Hadžići municipality continued. So far, 92% of cases have been completed, i.e. 86% of the surface (land and buildings) has been expropriated.

Pečuj – Zenica north –Tunnel Vrač: as of 31.12.2016. Over 95% of the total proposed area was carried out and 97% of residential buildings were expropriated.

Lašva – Nević polje (expressway): elaboration of expropriation elaborations based on the Main Project. Preparatory activities related to the decision of the FBiH Government regarding the financing are in progress.

Konjic-Mostar north (Salakovac I phase 22 km): the design of the conceptual solution was in progress, and there were no activities related to expropriation and preparatory actions for the expropriation of real estate. An expropriation study for the Prenj tunnel was submitted. Activities related to the decision of the Government of FB&H to finance this share are in progress.

Počitelj – Buna: The elaborate of the expropriation includes cadastral parcels that include parts of the Municipality of Čapljina (K.O. Bivolje Brdo, K.O. Stanojevići and K.O. Lokve) and the City of Mostar (K.O. Pijesci and K.O. Gubavica). In the cadastral municipalities in the Čapljina Municipality, all the parcels were destroyed and the proposal for expropriation was submitted. A tour of the field started, and the continuation of the field visit in the Čapljina municipality is expected in early 2017, as well as substantial expenditure costs. We have been informed from Mostar Municipality that they will not be able to access the parcel clearing until the urban consent is still obtained, which is still missing.



Resettlement Action Plan Section: Počitelj – Zvirovići

Resettlement Action Plan Section: Kakanj- Drivuša

Resettlement Action Plan Section: Vlakovo – Tarčin

Resettlement Action Plan Section: Svilaj – Odžak

Resettlement Action Plan Section: Zvirovići – Bijača




Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework for Corridor Vc – March 2017