Investments of two billion KM!

One of the most important preconditions for economic development and the overall progress of the society is the development of a modern transport network. Considering the highways as an important component of the development of the state, the construction of Corridor Vc should be considered primarily as a very important social and economic project that will bring the new momentum of the economy and become a wreck of the entire B&H bunch. Economy.

The construction plan envisages that during 2017 we will have six large buildings on Corridor Vc, and the total investment will exceed two billion KM, which should be the most ambitious investment business on Corridor Vc so far.

Our priority is to build the most demanding shares from Međugorje to Počitel and further towards Mostar, from Zenica south towards Zenica to the north and further to Zepce and from the Sava river near Svilaj to Odzak.

Acceleration of the construction of Corridor Vc depends on the new approach to infrastructure projects of the FB&H Government. That the most refers to the construction of the tunnel Prenj and sections of Mostar north-Mostar South highway, two projects worth 550 million euros.

This year we will start with the first phase of the construction of the fast road Lašva – NevićPolje – Travnik. This highway will be 24 km long, the planned value of the project is 183 million Euros and is of exceptional importance, as it will connect central B&H with the highway on Corridor Vc and significantly improve the traffic conditions between Sarajevo and Banja Luka. It is also very important that this route raises the level of traffic communication towards the Krajina.

With the construction of demanding facilities such as the Počitelj Bridge and the Prenj tunnel, we raise the level of construction by another step in the world of serious construction endeavors.

We have secured, maintained and controlled traffic on the motorways by building the first Center for Traffic Maintenance and Control in Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the European Commission Directive 2004/54/EC.

In the coming period we will introduce a new billing system in order to optimize the electronic payment of toilets (ACC services) by creating new packages for ACC services and the possibility of charging ACC devices via the Internet, SMS, electronic bank and the like.

The obligation, as well as the clear commitment of the Public Enterprise of FB&H Public Transportation as a socially responsible company, to invest in the field of environmental protection was verified through the introduction of the ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

We are confident that a shorter period of travel, safer and more comfortable driving to new roads will be to the benefit of increasing the quality of life of our fellow citizens, as well as the development of tourism in our country, and that easier and easier transportation of goods and goods will enable the creation of better and healthy entrepreneurial circumstances In Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also greater competitiveness in the European market.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) I Adnan Terzić,