More intensive construction of Corridor Vc

The Corridor Vc motorway is a key infrastructure regional and European project of vital importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The inclusion of this Corridor in the network of European corridors speaks volumes about its wider importance, especially for the Central European countries. Our biggest challenge was to ensure that re-growth of activities, especially the initiation of new investment cycle. At the moment, JP Autoceste FBiH has secured new investments totaling close to BAM 2 billion for new 80 km of the motorway. In addition, nearly BAM 200 million of the EU grants were approved and we also applied for new grants totaling over BAM 200 million, which is a record for a public company, all thanks to the efficient and well-designed applications.

The Corridor Vc motorway is under intensive construction. A total of 102 kilometers have been built so far, and eight sections for 40 kilometers of the new modern motorway will be under construction by the end of the year. We have initiated a tender for four more sections for 23 kilometers and we expect the procedure to be completed during the next year. A tender for two more sections for 17 kilometers will be announced very soon.

In cooperation with financial institutions, JP Autoceste FBiH has secured offers for financing the construction of sections on the route from Ovčari to Mostar in two ways – by joint financing of EIB and EBRD and joint financing of EBRD and the consortium of domestic creditors under the commercial terms.

With the construction of demanding structures such as the Počitelj Bridge and the Prenj Tunnel, we raise the level of construction by one more step in the world of serious construction projects. It is worth mentioning that the A1 motorway is built through mountainous areas of complex geological setting, with a large number of structures, with long bridges and tunnels, which slows down the project and increases its costs.

We are also actively working on the construction of express roads. Sarajevo – Goražde (Hranjen Tunnel) is the first express road we started to build, and we hope we will quickly resolve the issues both towards Jajce and Tuzla and from Široki to Croatia, as well as the issue of the express road to Krajina.

We have also taken the first step in order to optimize electronic toll collection. We have introduced a new billing system – ACC prepaid billing for electronic toll collection that facilitates the use of ACC Tag device both for the existing and new users. In addition to the abovementioned service for all motorway users, we have put into operation a help desk center by calling the toll-free number 080 02 03 06, intended to be a 24-hour support for motorway users.

It is also a great pleasure for us at JP Motorways FBiH to be able to obtain a CIPS certificate (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply). It shows our commitment to introduce a quality system, excellence in the public procurement processes and perseverance at work. By obtaining a CIPS certificate, the Company confirms and strengthens its reputation both at in the country and abroad. All this leads to business improvement through better contacts of the company on the international scene.

One of the most important preconditions for economic development and overall progress of the society is the development of a modern transport network. Taking into account that the motorways are essential component of the development of a country, the construction of Corridor Vc should be considered above all as a very important social and economic project bringing new momentum to the economy and becoming the lifeblood of the entire BiH economy.

Lastly, we are convinced that shorter travelling time, safer and more comfortable driving on new road will contribute to raising the life quality of our citizens, as well as tourism development in our country, and that the faster and easier transport of gods will enable better and healthier business economic conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as higher competiveness on the European market.

It will be our pleasure to inform the public about the phases of implementation of our plans,



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) I Adnan Terzić,