Construction of subsection Počitelj – Zvirovići

On the day 17.07.2017. public opening of bids for the construction of the motorway on Corridor Vc, the section Počitelj – Bijača, subsection Počitelj – Zvirovići, and the evaluation of offers is underway.

The following companies were submitted for the construction of the Pocitelj – Zvirovići subsection company: China Gezhouba Group Company Limited (China), Joint Venture: Strabag AG and Euro – Asfalt d.o.o. (Austria and BiH), Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Turkey), Joint Venture: Fernas & Ozgun Insaat (Turkey), Consortium: Azvirt Limited Liability Company and Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd (Azerbaijan and China).

In May 2017 a public invitation for the submission of bids for construction companies to compete for the award of a construction contract, which will be financed from the funds provided under the loan agreement concluded with the European Investment Bank (EIB), was published.

The estimated value of the works is 100 million euros.

The planned construction period is 30 months.

Subsection Počitelj – Zvirovići duga is 11,75 km, and the most important objects are the Pocitelj (945 m) bridge, the loop with a toll station and access roads to the regional road Buna-Domanovici and the main road M-17, three viaducts, a tunnel and an open route.

Construction of the Vracac motorway (exit of the Zenica tunnel) – D.Gračanica (entrance to the tunnel Pečuj)

The subsection is about 4 km long, with a larger viaduct beside the open part of the route, through the village of Donja Gračanica, about 400 m long, the Hum tunnel, also about 400 m long, two shorter viaducts in the area of ​​Hece settlement, and the Vraca tunnel approx. 300 m.

Within this subsection, Zenica North will also be operated with a toll station, as well as the so-called ” “Northern Connection” that should link the Corridor Vc motorway with the city of Zenica and the main road M-17.

Activities on the implementation of land expropriation and the achievement of Urban Approvals for this subsection are underway.

The construction of a stock is still in the process of securing credit funds.

Construction of Počitelj – Buna subsection

The tender documentation for the announcement of pre-qualification for the selection of supervision on the performance of works on this subsection is being prepared.

The section is located on a geologically and morphologically exceptionally favorable terrain. There will be a resting place and a backyard.

The planned construction period is 12 months.

The construction of the subject of the share is still in the process of securing credit funds.