Instructions for useInstructions for use

Important: When using the ACC TAG, carefully read and follow the instructions. If unsuitable tracks are used in toll stations, the device will not work at the entrance or at the exit from the highway when charging a toll.

“Autoceste Card” (ACC) is an electronic toll payment that enables the user of the highway to quickly and efficiently collect tolls without mediating cash and waiting at toll booths. The user of this service is granted a bonus of 20% for each additional cash on the ACC TAG.

The ACC service is realized at all toll stations on A1 highway, on toll roads marked by traffic signalization – ACC located on the towers of the toll site, as well as by appropriate horizontal and vertical signaling. Only by respecting the indicated signaling the user exercises the right to use a quick passage through a fixed place.


1. The vehicle approaches the ramp at the minimum speed (no more than 40 km / h) of the movement. The ramp must be in a downward position. The indicator on the user’s display gives a red light signal.

2. The antenna receives an ACC TAG signal from the vehicle, and the ramp and uninterrupted highway access to the motorway arrives. At the same time, the user’s display shows the remaining amount of cash remaining available to the user.

The exit procedure from the highway is identical to the entry procedure.