Contractor at Drivuša – Klopče is Hering d.d. Široki Brijeg.

Supervision over the execution of works is carried out by the consortium Divel d.o.o. Sarajevo and M / S The Associated Engineering Patrnership.

The value of the contract is EUR 33,527,849.36 with VAT, and the funds are secured from the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAER).

The deadline for works is 30 months.

Significant objects are Drivuša Bridge (650 m) and Viaduct Perin Han (400 m).
The sub-branch is 2.23 km long.

The construction of this sub-section is characterized by extremely complex geological conditions that are not adequately treated through the Main Project, so it was necessary to make changes to the project documentation in several ways, which caused unwanted bottlenecks on the construction of the open highway route. Sliding activation has occurred at two locations.

On subsection Drivuša – Klopče works on construction of the lower hull machine motorways and facilities – bridge Drivuša expanded upper construction (right side) and viaduct Perin Han supporting lower and upper span construction are currently being executed. Concrete works (supporting lower and upper span construction) have been completed on the left side of the bridge. As far as the works on the open route are concerned, the most important ones are on the ensured stability of sloping slopes between the two aforementioned dominant objects.

The total percentage of completed contracted works is 99%.


At its starting point subsection Drivuša – Klopče is added to section Drivuša – Bilješevo in the loop zone Drivuša and ends in 2+680,00 km. The minimal applied radius amounts 900 m while the maximum radius amounts 1800 m. The route is designed to allow a speed of 120 km per hour.

The most demanding facilities on that subsection are the bridge Drivuša with a length of 660 meters and viaduct Perin Han with a length of 400 meters, as well as their latitude of 13,6 meters. The motorway subsection after ramp separation continues towards the bridge Drivuša which bridges the river Bosna.

The total length of subsection Drivuša – Klopče is considered to have a geologically complex field conditions which haven’t been processed detailed in the main project. Thus, the project documentation needed to be changed which caused unwanted construction delay of the open motorway route. Landslides have been activated on two locations.

 Bridge Drivuša

The bridge is designed like two separate constructions or as a left and a right bridge. The length of the so-called left bridge is 647,32 m and the length of the right bridge is 652,68 m. Behind the bridge Drivuša, on right side of motorways a reinforced concrete structure has been designed with permanent active geotechnical anchors in combination with reinforce concrete wall on counterfoils in one part.

The motorway route on stationery km 1+540 km cuts Ciganski stream where a gap of dimension of 2 x 2.0 m has been foreseen. There is a landslide behind the Ciganski stream and therefore a supporting structure of the stone with drainage in the cutting edge has been designed.

The bridge structure is foldable prestigious frame construction with 17 fields and 18 supports. In the cross-section, the span construction is a box carrier with a total width of 13.76 meters. The length of the console is 3.5 meters, each with a thickness of 25 cm at the end and 55 cm at the clamp. The total height of the carriage is 300 cm. The cross-sectional slope of the motorway section on the bridge is one-sided and is 3.4 %, and on the bridge there is also a concrete reflective fence with barriers against noise. Drainage of precipitation water is foreseen by a closed drainage system.

In the area where the bridge is being constructed the Bosna river is located, the local roads, the existing gas pipeline and the Đulanov stream which makes the whole process of implementing this project very complex.

Technology of carrying out a span construction

The span of the bridge Drivuša is performed by the “field by field” system using a scaffold or MSS scaffold (Movable Scaffolding System). MSS scaffold belongs to the group of overhead scaffold which means it is a scaffold whose main longitudinal supporting structure moves from the upper side of the span structure.

MSS construction system allows easier construction of the span construction of a bridge or viaduct. The biggest peculiarity of this technology is that the bearing construction MSS scaffold exceeds the range without additional reliance. It relies solely on existing bridge pillars. Dismantling and mounting of the formwork is considerably facilitated.

Viaduct Perin Han

Viaduct like a bridge is projected as two separate facilities: left viaduct length 386,78 meters and right length 393,22 meters. The spacious design is foldable with 11 fields.

Static viaduct system Perin Han is a continuous mount on 12 supports for both facilities. The spreading structure is in cross-section of a box carrier with a total width of 13.76 meters, the length of the console is 3.5 meters each, with a thickness of 25 cm at the end. The total height of the carriage is 300 cm.