More intensive construction of Corridor Vc

Traffic is one of important preconditions of economic growth and development of all modern economies, and its importance is the same in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Motorway on the corridor Vc is a key infrastructure regional and European project of vital importance for BiH. Inclusion of this corridor into the network of European corridors says enough about its broader importance, especially when it comes to countries of Central Europe.


Our greatest challenge was to ensure repeated growth of activities, i.e. starting new investment cycle. At this moment JP Autoceste FBiH allocated 1,68 billion Euros for the new 124 kilometers of motorway. We are especially proud of the fact that we were granted EU funds in the amount of BAM 300 million allocated within the Connectivity Agenda via Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).

Motorway on Corridor Vc is being built intensively. Until now there have been 102 kilometers built, there are currently nine active construction sites i.e. 40 kilometers of motorway is being built on the corridor Vc. Active construction sites are in the Zenica region, more precisely it is Zenica bypass further to the north of our country and there are two active construction sites in Herzegovina on sections from Buna to Počitelj and from Počitelj to Zvirovići. We launched call for tender procedure for six additional sections for new 38 kilometers and we expect that the procedure will be finished during this year.

Release of new sections whose total length is 26 kilometers is expected to occur in 2020.

We launched procedure for choosing contractors for the construction of sections Ovčari – Tunel Prenj – Mostar sjever whose total length is 35 kilometers and Mostar sjever – Mostar jug whose length is 15 kilometers together with the European Bank for Research and Development.

It is worth mentioning that motorway A1 is being built through mountainous areas of complex geological structure, it contains many structures including long bridges and tunnels which slows down the realization of this project and makes it more expensive.

JP Autoceste are in charge of management and construction of express roads in Federation of BiH too. Express roads are exceptionally important because they transfer traffic to motorways and connect corridor Vc with areas through which the motorway does not pass. Sarajevo – Goražde (tunnel Hranjen) is the first express road which we started building and when it comes to Lašva – Nević Polje calls for tenders referring to construction and monitoring of construction works and the expropriation process are being prepared. When it comes to other sections of express roads Mostar – Široki Brijeg – border with the Republic of Croatia, Croatia – Bihać – Ključ, and Bihać – Cazin – Velika Kladuša Croatian border, we are working on creating preliminary and main designs.

We also made a first step towards the goal of optimization of electronic toll collection. We introduced new billing system – ACC prepaid-billing for electronic toll collection making the use of ACC Tag device easier for existing and new users. In addition to the abovementioned service, we put help desk center whose purpose will be proving support to motorway users for 24 hours into service for all motorway users.

We at JP Autoceste FBiH are exceptionally satisfied because along with CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) certificate, we achieved to implement ISO standard 37001:2016 – Anti-bribery management systems as the first public enterprise in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This standard is a guarantee to the management, investors, employees, clients and other interested parties that the organization too takes reasonable steps to prevent bribery. The system is an evidence that the organization took all the reasonable steps to prevent corruption or to reduce it as much as possible.

One of the most important preconditions of economic development and overall progress of society is developed contemporary transport network. Taking into consideration motorways as important component of development of a country, the construction of corridor Vc should be considered primarily a very important social and economic project which will bring new economic boost and become lifeline of entire Bosnian economy.

In the end we believe that the less time spent travelling, safer and more comfortable drive on new roads will be useful when it comes to increasing the quality of life of our citizens but also when it comes to the development of tourism in our country and that faster and easier transport of commodity and goods will enable creation of better and healthier economic circumstances for operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also greater competitiveness at the European market.

It will be our pleasure to inform public about phases implementation of our plans.


Yours faithfully,



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) I Adnan Terzić,