Corridor 5c is the most ambitious investment program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which requires significant financial and human resources. There are multiple benefits of Corridor 5C for citizens and BiH economy.


We have witnessed an emergency situation that has affected the entire planet due to the coronavirus pandemic, and thus our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Public Company Autoceste FBiH is one of the companies that has continued to carry out a significant part of its activities and obligations in these specific circumstances. There’s not much philosophy here – you have to adjust and move on. And whoever adapts faster will be more successful. Therefore, we used this crisis situation as an opportunity to anticipate work and, with all preventive measures to protect workers, create safe working conditions, intensify the construction of Corridor 5c, as a capital investment, because it is a key measure for the survival of the economy and domestic companies.

Thus, the construction on all eight construction sites whose contracts are worth BAM 780 million did not stop for a day. The key projects we have started have their continuity and we plan to complete them on time. We have works in the northern part that now goes to Nemila, then in the central part it is the Ivan tunnel. Also, there are sections in the south of Buna- Počitelj and Počitelj – Zvirovići with one imposing building construction, with the Počitelj bridge which is almost a kilometer long.

This year alone, we plan to complete works worth BAM 420 million. The plan for this year is to put into operation an 11-kilometer-long bypass around Zenica in November. Currently, on construction sites on the highway and motorway, we have about 1,200 workers engaged on all sections who work every day.

In the current conditions, the responsibility of this company increases several times and turns into a form of social responsibility, considering that numerous economic processes in the Federation have been stopped. We are aware that BAM 100 million invested in the construction of the Corridor, when multipliers are applied, affects GDP with almost BAM 300 million of direct and indirect effects. This means that, when the planned BAM 420 million is invested in the highway, the effect on the economy will be three times greater.

Road infrastructure and construction are much of a generator of economic growth. Construction supplies 96% of total production to sectors in BiH, while 65% of raw materials from the sector in BiH are used for own production, so it is extremely important for the overall economy to maintain the highest possible level of investment, especially when a general decline in economic activity is announced.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has once again found itself in the center of the EU’s attention in terms of traffic through a project that is vital for us and for neighboring countries. A new investment cycle worth BAM 1.6 billion is ready. No more easy highway routes.

Now the highway is being built through mountainous areas of complex geological structure, with a large number of building constructions, long bridges and tunnels, these are demanding sections and they imply construction deadlines of 20 to 36 months. We are now providing the final part for the investment of closing the entire Corridor. That is about 850 million euros for the construction of 51 km on the section from Ovčari to the Mostar South loop.

We have one turning point in the entire Corridor- it is the Prenj tunnel of 10.5 kilometers, the largest tunnel in the region and its construction takes five and a half to six years. All other sections can be completed by then.

This year, we will award contracts worth about BAM 700 million. These are the contracts for the sections Poprikuša – Nemila, Tarčin – entrance to the Ivan tunnel, Kvanj tunnel – Buna and Nemila – Vranduk.

Corridor 5c is the most ambitious investment program in Bosnia and Herzegovina, requiring significant financial and human resources. There are multiple benefits of Corridor 5c for citizens and BiH economy.

In cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, we have launched employment projects for young people on Corridor 5c construction projects.

In this way, a total of 75 young people will get a chance and their first job on the construction of Corridor 5c.

Now, for the first time, the financial construction for all sections on Corridor 5c has been closed, except at this stage, from Ovčari to Bradina.

The realization of this project will contribute to social and economic development, creating conditions for job creation, i.e. for reducing unemployment and development of underdeveloped municipalities in BiH through which it will pass, as well as improving the general living conditions of citizens. The construction of this route will enable the accelerated development of tourism in BiH, where there is a huge historical potential, will facilitate access to numerous religious and cultural facilities.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) I Adnan Terzić,