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The Corridor Vc motorway represents the most significant infrastructure project for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The inclusion of this corridor in the network of European corridors speaks volumes about its wider importance, especially for the countries of Central Europe. The regional significance of this corridor will be further increased by the construction of the motorway on the Adriatic-Ionian corridor, because in this way the preconditions for safer and faster travel to Montenegro, Albania and Greece will be created. The importance of this corridor is also reflected in the development of the capacity of the port in Ploče, which will result in increased traffic of containers and bulk cargo.

It is important to point out that the motorway is being built through mountainous areas with a complex geological structure, with many buildings, long bridges and tunnels, which slows down and makes the implementation of this project more expensive.

On the northern part of Corridor Vc, which passes through Bosnia and Herzegovina, works on all sections will begin by the end of the year, with the aim of finishing works on that part by 2025. In that way, in addition to all the other advantages brought by the construction of the motorway, the current main road M-17 will be relieved as well.

In the coming period, the construction works of the motorway passing through Herzegovina will be intensified, which is one of the priorities. Tenders for the most complex sections such as the Prenj Tunnel and the Mostar North – Mostar South section have already been announced, and the works are expected to start this year. A similar situation is expected for two sections in the south, from Mostar south to Buna.

Given that Corridor Vc does not pass through all parts of the country, in the coming period the construction of all road routes in the territory of the entire Federation will be accelerated, in order to provide a contribution to its balanced infrastructural development.

In addition to the construction of motorways and expressways, which is the priority responsibility of JP Autoceste FBiH, we also want to improve our services to users on the already built kilometers of motorway. Following this idea, we established cooperation with JP Autoputevi RS in connection with the integration of the electronic toll collection system. The joint project has already started, and we expect the system to be fully functional for users soon. We also plan to expand the project to other countries in the region, such as the Republic of Croatia and Republic of Serbia.

It is certain that future generations deserve to travel on better and safer roads, as do tourists who will benefit from improved infrastructure. In JP Autoceste FBiH, led by this mission and vision, we will continue to build Corridor Vc and successfully deal with all the challenges that lie ahead.

JP Autoceste FBiH is aware of its qualities and does not shy away from challenges. With the support of all levels of government and international institutions, we are moving towards our planned goal – the final connection of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the rest of Europe by the most modern roads, to the pride of all its citizens.


                                                                                                            Acting director

                                                                                                            Denis Lasić