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The right to participate in the work and decision-making of the assembly of companies with the participation of state capital within the competence of the Federation

The significance of the construction of the motorway on Corridor Vc is of indisputable importance as a priority connection with European corridors and the rest of the continent. However, it is also necessary to start building expressways and lower-level infrastructure facilities in order to increase and accelerate the flow of goods, people and capital through their implementation and reconstruction within our country.

Work is currently in progress on seven construction sites, but not with a dynamic we are satisfied with and we want to improve it. We have never been closer to solving those fundamental issues that prevent the accelerated construction of a serious infrastructure project such as Corridor Vc. We have a lot of work to do, the funds have been secured and the construction should be much faster and better.

The construction of the Prenj tunnel, sections Mostar north-Mostar south, sections from Doboj via Medakovo to Žepče are in priority for contracting and construction in the coming period. The signing of the contract for these sections is planned for next year.

There are only two more significant sections left, namely Ovčari-Prenj tunnel and the Prenj-Mostar north tunnel section. These two sections should be completed at the same time as the Prenj tunnel, because the said tunnel could not be used without them, and they are planned before and behind the tunnel.

Corridor Vc for Bosnia and Herzegovina means faster and easier communication with more developed environments, and faster social and economic integration into the European environment.

In general, one of the great challenges is the terrain on which Corridor Vc is being built, which is extremely demanding because of the mountainous part and requires the construction of a large number of facilities. It is impressive that a total of 138 bridges/viaducts and 44 tunnels will be built on the part of the corridor that passes through the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, 19 tunnels with a total length of 22.3 kilometers have been built or are currently under construction. When it comes to bridges, 38 bridges / viaducts with a total length of 14.1 km are currently under construction.

The deadline of 2028 is a rather optimistic deadline, which can only be achieved if all activities are performed according to plan.

It is extremely important for the construction of expressways to begin. Citizens of some cantons, such as Una-Sana and Tuzla, pay excise taxes, but do not benefit from it. That is why I am announcing the engagement on the construction of the expressway Kladuša – Cazin – Bihać, the motorway Tuzla – Orašje, the expressway from Mostar, via Široki Brijeg, to the border with Croatia, and the expressway Lašva – Travnik – Jajce.

The procedures also need to be simplified. The current Law on Public Procurement is one of the reasons for the slow pace of the process, as is the absence of the Law on Construction at the FBiH level. The issue of qualified and trained workforce is already a highlighted problem, as is the overall socio-political situation in terms of approving assignments and slowing down procedures. All this affects the dynamics of contracting and construction itself, as well as meeting the set deadlines.

Only by improving the overall socio-political situation and greater engagement of all parties involved in this large project can we ensure that the motorways become a driver of economic and social development that will contribute to the accelerated integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Union.

Elmedin Voloder, B.Sc.C.E.