Accompanying service facilities are all facilities where services are provided to drivers and passengers (gas stations, shops, restaurants, motels, car service, etc.). In this way, they enable them safe and comfortable transportation and satisfaction of their needs for fuel, breaks, meals, drinks, various technical and service services, as well as acquaintance with the tourist and ambient attractions of the surroundings, and provides the possibility to use the available information, Internet, banking services, Satisfaction Specific needs of disabled people and children, etc.

The use of the road land for the construction of the accompanying service facilities and the performance of the accompanying activities of the PC Motorways FB&H, on the basis of a public advertisement, for a period of 20 years, has been entrusted to the contracting user of Holdina ltd. Sarajevo, members of the INA Group in B&H for which the contracting user is obliged to pay by law the envisaged fee for the use of road land and compensation for carrying out the accompanying activities.

In addition to the basic uses of gas stations, high quality fuel and other car equipment, the new concept is an extension of the range of gastronomic offerings through the segment called Fresh corner, which includes the offer of ready-made sandwiches, pastries, hot and cold drinks.

In addition, the gas stations in this road also offer a pleasant ambience for shopping, rest and refreshment of passengers and drivers in the cafe bar and the terrace, as well as the fun and play of the youngest visitors in the children’s playground, which is an integral part of the facilities.

The service is provided 24 hours a day to the users.

Kravica Rest areas

Two-way rest areas at the sub-section Međugorje – Bijača

Lepenica Rest areas

Two-way rest areas at the sub-section Sarajevo west – Tarčin