The main activities of managing and maintaining the motorway are regular and winter maintenance of the built part of the highway, implementation and monitoring of the functioning of the closed collection system, then monitoring and managing the traffic on the highway, protection of the motorway from excessive traffic load, uncontrolled construction along the motorway, posting advertisements, etc. In order to ensure safe and unimpeded traffic.

The constructed part of the motorway A1 operated by PC Motorways FB&H is approx. 91 km, and this section of the motorway A1 Zenica South – Tarčin in the length of 81 km and the motorway A1 A1 Međugorje – Bijača in the length of approx. 10 km. In addition to the aforementioned shares in February 2016, by decision of the Government of the FB&H, PC Motorways FB&H took over the built part of the fast road BC1 Butila – Briješće, approx. 3.5 km to the management and maintenance of the PC Motorways FB&H that were the implementer of the construction of this section.

With increased traffic loads, the aging of the existing highway and the upgrading of the highway network on Corridor Vc also increases the scope of works.

The main goals of motorway maintenance are:

  • Preventing the collapse of motorways
  • Enabling safe traffic
  • Reducing the cost of users with good road conditions
  • Bringing the road to the projected state taking into account the changed needs of traffic
  • Protection of roads from users and third parties, protection of the environment from harmful impact of road and road traffic


Regular maintenance of the motorway includes the following works:

  • Repair of carriageway, carcass of roads, supporting and coating walls
  • Removal of abraded material and cleaning of pavements and drainage facilities
  • Maintenance of bankins (planning and alignment), berms and slopes of cuttings, embankments and cuttings
  • Maintenance of buildings on roads, maintenance of facilities, equipment and installation of toll collection system and intelligent transportation system for traffic management and management
  • Maintenance of lighting, traffic lights and other installations and electrical equipment that were built in the function of road traffic safety
  • Design and installation of horizontal and vertical signaling, light security devices, replacement, repair and removal of damaged and unnecessary traffic signs and road equipment
  • Mowing of grass and maintenance of green areas and plantations in the road belt
  • Maintaining the necessary road visibility and marking in the road belt
  • Cleaning of snow and ice from the carriageway, and paving of the carriageway with the goal of preventing the retreat and ensuring the roadway in the winter conditions
  • Minor interventions on renewal, replacement and reinforcement of worn carriages
  • Minor interventions on strengthening and replacement of failures, supporting and coating walls and protection of steel structures from corrosion
  • Minor interventions on the installation of curbs and the construction of pedestrian paths
  • Minor interventions on landslide and downhole landscaping
  • Data management on public roads
  • Performing and other activities that ensure continuous, smooth and safe traffic on the roads
  • Restoration and painting of kilometer markings, traffic signs and lighting fixtures
  • Arrangement and repair of drainage systems (ditches, rigs, drainage and other)
  • Spot repair of concrete banners
  • Repairs of local roadway damage (impact holes, single and grid cracks, longitudinal and transverse devaluations, softened asphalt cover, damaged edges and concrete roadway dividers)
  • Maintaining the reference marking system markings
  • Works on maintenance of road objects, and removal of minor damages, which can endanger the stability and safety of the building



Travel Administration and Protection of Roads
Regular Maintenance
Winter Maintenance Service