The contract on breaking through the main and service pipes and the construction of the primary shoring of the Hranjen road tunnel, which represents the beginning of construction of the first phase of the Sarajevo – Goražde express road, was signed on 22 September 2018.

The contractor is Euro-asphalt d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The supervision of the execution of works is carried out by IPSA INSTITUT d.o.o. Sarajevo.

The value of the works is BAM 81,899,883.00 including VAT, and the funds in the amount of BAM 65 million were secured by the Decision of the Government of the Federation of BiH from the accumulated profits of BH Telecom.

The Hranjen Tunnel will be 5.5 km long and will consist of two pipes. One will be used for traffic of motor vehicles, with two traffic lanes passing through it, one for each direction. The second pipe will be the service pipe to be used for maintenance of the tunnel as well as in the event of any accident in the tunnel.

The deadline for construction of this longest road tunnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 36 months.

The design of construction of 15.8 km long express road, which will connect Sarajevo and Goražde in half profile, is BAM 190 million worth and is divided into two phases. The works of the second lot of the first phase will include the secondary coating and equipping of the tunnel and the construction of the half-profile express road.

The construction of the Hranjen tunnel is a historic project for Goražde because the road distance of this city on the Drina and Sarajevo will be reduced from current 95.6 km to 56.6 km. Given the quality of the new route, it will only take 45 minutes from Sarajevo to Goražde, instead of the current an hour and half.