Phases of the second phase are performed from March 16, 2017. year, and the most significant are those on road construction, traffic and technical equipment and finishing works.

The contractor is a consortium of Strabag AG & Euro-Asfalt d.o.o. The deadline for the completion of the subsection is 8 months.

The section is 11 kilometers long.

On the section of the most important facilities there is a border crossing, two loops, a double-sided resting place, a fence, and a series of bridge structures and access roads.

The total percentage of contracted works is 53,18%.

The beginning of the stock is located immediately behind the future interstate bridge Svilaj, which bridges the Sava River and ends on the Odžak loop, which is located north of the city of Odžak. The bridge across the Sava River is also a connecting point between the highway passing through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

First phase works completed 30.06.2015. after which the technical acceptance of completed facilities was carried out, and then a usage permit was issued.

The first phase consisted of complete embankments on the main route, loops and rest areas, bridge structures, outdoor drainage, protective fences and auxiliary and access roads.