PC Motorway FB&H ltd. Mostar is operating on the basis of the adopted ethical values, which have been adopted by the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics regulates the principles, rules of conduct and the procedure for acquaintance with the code which applies to all employed persons in PC Motorway FB&H ltd. Mostar, authorized individuals and representatives appointed by the company for the performance of certain tasks, all members of the Supervisory Board, Management Board and Audit Committee and the Director of the Internal Audit Department and other persons contractually connected with the PC Motorway FB&H ltd.

The Code is obligated to perform all duties in the operation of the Public Enterprise of the Motorway of FB&H and contains mandatory provisions in accordance with the Law on Public Enterprises in the Federation of B&H and the Company Statute.

The principles of the Code are the norms of behavior and the relation of connected persons to a public company, whose violation of norms necessarily entails the initiation of a disciplinary procedure.